Furr Occupations


In Furr family history, the two most common occupations are farmer and textile worker. The latter is because of the growth of textile mills in North Carolina where often the whole family was employed. If you can think of it, someone named Furr has probably done it. Some of the most interesting occupations include


auto theater caretaker

comptometer operator


cotton mill doffer

doll factory operator

hankerchief factory mill worker

lightening rod salesman

oil field torpedo man

Panama Canal hyrdo operator

produce huckster

railroad fire knocker a very dangerous job!

river pilot

stave maker

wheel wright



The following is a list of Furr occupations from US census and other records.


5 & 10 store salesman

foreman, railroad yards


5 & 10 store waitress

Forest Service worker

powder plant supervisor

account executive

foundry pattern maker

power company bus driver


frozen food salesman

power company clerk

air conditioning company helper

full fashion hosing general manager

power house electrician

airline stewardess

full fashion house seamer

power plant superintendent

airplane mechanic

funeral director

powerhouse engineer

airport cafeteria cashier

funiture factory cabinet maker

practical nurse

airport terminal manager

furniture bookkeeper

precinct commissioner

airways steno

furniture factory clean beds

Presbyterian minister

aluminium distributor

furniture factory foreman

primary school teacher

appartment house manager

furniture factory furniture maker


arkansas novelty company clerk

furniture factory laborer

printer, newspaper


furniture factory paint sprayer

printing and advertising company salesman


furniture factory painter

printing plant photo engraver

asphalt mixer

furniture factory worker

printing plant printer

asphalt salesman

furniture machine operator

private aircraft school instructor

assembly man

furniture manufacturer cabinet maker

private family cook

assistant agriculture Cornell University

furniture manufacturing finisher

private family housekeeper

assistant English professor, Winthrop College

furniture manufacturing machinest

private family servant

assistant office building manager

furniture plant foreman

private home housekeeper

assistant telegraph line chief

furniture shop monitor

private home painter

assistant U.S. Attorney

furniture springer/upholstery

private home weather stripper


furniture store owner

private school business manager'


furniture store proprietor

private school controller

auto assembly plant body constru

furniture store salesman

private secretary

auto company salesman

Furr's Beauty Shop owner & operator

private stable groom

auto factory assembler

gambling casino dealer

Private, U.S. Army

auto garage salesman

garage attendent

produce huckster

auto mechanic

garage mechanic

produce, animal, furs salesman

auto parts clerk

garage owner and operator

professor, public school

auto parts salesman


project house matron

auto repair shop operator

garment factory machine operator


auto sales agency office clerk

garment factory seamstress

public drayman

auto warranty administrator/dispatcher & booker

garmet factory double needle machine operator

public hauling

auto/garage wrecker

garmet factory sewer

public laborer

automobile body builder

gas & oil truck driver

public librarian

automobile body factory laborer

gas and oil distributing company bookeeper

public school bus driver

automobile salesman

gas company laborer

public school janitor

awning maker

gas station laborer

public school latin teacher

bag factory hauler

gas station maintenance man

public school primary teacher

bag factory sewing machine operator

gas station manager

public school teacher

baggin mill assorter

gas station operator

public works electrician


gas station worker

public works laborer

bakery bookkeper

general merchandise merchant

pulp mill helper

bakery cake wrapper

general merchandise salesman

pulp wood company log cutter

bakery helper

general merchandise wholesale house stock boy

pulp wood saw & haul worker

bakery salesman

general store manager

pumper, crude oil production

bakery supervisor

general store merchant

purchasing agent

band musician

glass cutter

quary stone cutter

bank assistant cashier

glass factory glass maker

R.E.A. corporate office secretary

bank bookkeeper

glass factory machine operator

radio & antenna construction manager

bank cashier

glass factory worker

radio & antenna equipment worked

bank IBM operator

gold miner

radio repair shop employee

bank president

government accountant

radio repair shop owner

bank teller

government clerk

radio station copy writer


government horticulist

radion station manager

Baptist preacher

government hospital butcher

railroad agent


government works labor foreman

railroad boiler maker

battery company mechanic

grants specialist at Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago

railroad brakeman

battery company salesman

graphic artist

railroad brakeman/conductor

beauty parlor operator

gravel dragline operator

railroad car helper

beauty parlor worker

gravel works superintendent

railroad car repairman

beauty shop operator


railroad carpenter

beauty shop owner

grocery clerk

railroad clerk

biological chemist

grocery club clerk

railroad clerk


grocery dealer

railroad conductor

blacksmith and farmer

grocery manager

railroad crane operator

boarding house keeper

grocery merchant

railroad engineer

boiler shop welder

grocery merchant/clerk

railroad expressman

bolt maker, stage company

grocery produce man

railroad fire knocker

bonding company sales manager

grocery saleslady

railroad fireman


grocery salesman

railroad flagman

bottle company machinist

grocery stock boy

railroad foreman

bottling company truck driver

grocery store chain manager

railroad freight car man

bowling alley manager

grocery store clerk

railroad inspector

box company estimator

grocery store delivery boy

railroad laborer

box factory manager

grocery store groceryman

railroad locomotive engineer

Boy Scouts of America stenographer

grocery store helper

railroad office operator

brick company contractor

grocery store manager

railroad relief forman

brick mason

grocery store mechant

railroad section boss


grocery store operator

railroad section foreman

bricklayer foreman

grocery store owner

railroad section hand

bricklayer helper

grocery store proprietor

railroad teamster

bridge crew laborer

grocery store proprietor

railroad telegraph operator

broadcast radio writer

grocery store saleslady

railroad worker

broom handle factory saw operator

grocery store salesman

railway express office clerk

broom maker

grocery store worker

ranch cedar cutter

building contractor

guard county convict

ranch hand

building repair paper hanger

guard county farm

ranch hired laborer

burial insurance salesman

guard, County Convict Camp #2


bus company maintenance foreman

hankerchief factory mill worker

rayon salesman

bus driver

hardware company sheet and metal worker

real estate agent

bus mechanic

hardware salesman

real estate broker

business lecturer

hardware store clerk

real estate business manager


high school principal

real estate salesman

butcher shop meat cutter

high school teacher


cab driver

highway construction laborer

realty company auctioneer

cabinet maker

highway department road builder

realty company secretary & bookkeeper

cabinet shop proprietor

highway laborer

Red Cross secretery

cafe car hop

hoisery mill laborer

refiner, refinery

cafe cook

hoisting engineer, logging company

refrigeration campany owner

cafe operator

hosery factory looper

refrigeration car builder

cafe proprietor

hosery mill boxer

registered nurse

cafe waiter

hosery mill inspector

relief agency storeroom manager

cafeteria waitress

hosery mill knitter

repair shop mechanic

candy factory candy maker

hosery mill laborer

republican politician

candy salesman

hosery mill looper

restaurant cook


hosery mill machinest

restaurant dish washer

car dealer clerk

hosery mill seamer

restaurant manager

car salesman

hosery mill superintendent

restaurant musician

car testing station tester

hosery mill weaver

restaurant waitress


hosery seamer

restrurant clerk

carpenter & bricklayer

hosiery finisher

resturant cashier

carpenter & stone mason

hosiery mill assistant superintendent

resturant keeper

carpenter's helper

hosiery mill boarder

retail auto accessory store proprietor

carriage maker

hosiery mill knitter

retail cedit bureau clerk

cattle rancher

hosiery mill machanic

retail clothing clerk

CCC Camp tractor driver

hosiery mill machine fixer

retail clothing salesman

CCC reforestation project laborer

hosiery mill overseer

retail clothing store saleslady

CCC rural work laborer

hosiery mill seamstress

retail department store saleswoman

cement contractor

hospital attendant

retail drug company table boy

cement finisher

hospital laundry manager

retail dry goods saleswoman

Census Bueau statistical clerk

hospital registered nurse

retail dry goods store salesman

census enumerator

hotel clerk

retail food store grocery salesman

certified public accountant

hotel cook

retail funiture salesman

chancery court clerk

hotel housekeeper

retail furniture collector

chemical company paint mixer

house carpenter

retail furniture store delivey man

chemical engineer

house contractor

retail general store partner

chemical plant electrician

house painter

retail grocery clerk

chemical plant hired hand

household products salesman

retail grocery general manager


household supplies salesman

retail grocery manager

childen's hospital nurse's aide

ice company truck driver

retail grocery merchant


ice company truck driver/salesman

retail grocery salesman

church evangelist

ice cream parlor saleslady

retail grocery store proprietor

city auditor

ice delivery man

retail grocery store salesman

city clerk

ice machinery stationary engineer

retail grocery truck driver

city fireman

ice merchant

retail merchant

city light department manager

ice plant laborer

retail merchant, medicine

city power plant electrician

ice plant salesman

retail refigerator store salesman

city street construction laborer

implement company pickup boy

retail shoe factory salesman

city truck driver

instrument manufacturing foreman

retail store proprietor

city water works pumper

insurance agent

retail store saleslady

civil engineer

insurance company secretary

retail variety store maintenance man

civil engineering professor, Kansas State College

insurance company superintendent

RFD Postal Carrier

civil service accounting & auditing

insurance safety engineer auditor

road construction laborer

cleaning establishment tailor

insurance salesman

road construction skilled laborer


internal auditor

road grader operator

cloth mill machinery erector

interstate bus driver

roofing company tinner

clothes presser

investment company manager

roofing salesman

clothing store salesman

jail helper

rooming house laundrylady

coal dealer


roving school teacher

coal digger

jewelry store proprietor

rubber company laborer

coal miner


rural mail carrier

coal wagon teamster

jewlery store credit clerk

saleslady, dress shop

Coast Guard seaman

job contractor

saleslady, dry goods store

coffee shop owner

junior high school English teacher/librarian

saleslady, grocery store

college bookstore clerk

junior high school teacher

saleslady, piano company

college power plant assistant superintentant

knitting mill knitter

saleslady, retail store

commercial appliance salesman

knitting mill laborer


commercial artist

knitting mill machinest

salesman, general retail

commerical trader, boxes

knitting mill seamer

salesman, grocery store

comptometer operator

knitting mill worker

salesman, wholesale coffee shop

computer programmer


saloon keeper

concrete company proprietor

laborer, chair factory

salvage shop helper

concrete pipe maker

laborer, farm

sandwich shop waitress

confectionary manager

laborer, furniture factory

sanitation department truck driver


laborer, heading mill

saw mill engineer

construction company boiler maker

laborer, mill

saw mill foreman

construction company churn driller

laborer, odd jobs

saw mill hand

construction company secretary

laborer, oil field

saw mill laborer

construction company truck driver

laborer, railroad

saw mill log cutter

construction painter

laborer, sawmill

saw mill lumberman

construction worker

laborer, shirt mill

saw mill night watchman

construction/paper mill painter

laborer, veneer mill

saw mill owner


ladies garment factory worker

saw mill sawyer

cotton buyer

ladies ready to wear saleswoman

saw mill timber crusier

cotton compress manager

ladies wear sales lady

saw mill truck driver

cotton factory seamstress

land dealer

saw mill worker

cotton gin manager


school bus driver

cotton mill battery filler

landscaping business owner

school janitor

cotton mill battery hand

latch up machine operator

school superintendant

cotton mill bleaching

laundry bundle checker

school supervisor

cotton mill bobbing machine operator

laundry owner

school teacher

cotton mill bookkeeper

laundry truck driver

scissor factory forger

cotton mill bundling cloth laborer


screen company stem fitter

cotton mill card fixer


seamless hosery mill foreman

cotton mill card runner

life insurance agent

seamless hosery mill knitter

cotton mill carder

life insurance company bookkeeper


cotton mill carder/mechanic

life insurance company collector

secretary, CJA College

cotton mill carpenter

life insurance district manager

section hand for MKT railroad

cotton mill cleaner

life insurance salesman

section laborer

cotton mill clipper

life insurance solicitor

seed store manager

cotton mill cloth inspector

light and power meter tester

seed store salesman

cotton mill cover roller

lightening rod salesman

self serve laundry helper

cotton mill doffer

limber company finisher


cotton mill doffer/oiler

liquor salesman

service station attendant

cotton mill draftsman

livery stable proprietor

service station auto repair employee

cotton mill drawing hand

locomotive fireman

service station helper

cotton mill dryer

locomotive inspector

service station maintennce painter

cotton mill dryer house overseer

locomotive mechanic

service station operator

cotton mill dyer

log camp timberman

service station operator & manager

cotton mill elevator man

loggin railroad conductor

service station owner

cotton mill engineer

lumber business owner

service station salesman

cotton mill filling

lumber camp oveseer

sewer construction ditch digger

cotton mill filling hand

lumber clerk

sewing machine agent

cotton mill finisher/section hand

lumber company boiler fireman

shaper manufacturer hand

cotton mill fixer

lumber company crane operator


cotton mill foreman

lumber company floor planner/sander

ship yard carpenter

cotton mill frame hand

lumber company wood cutter

shipping clerk

cotton mill frame operator

lumber finisher

shipping clerk, fruit company

cotton mill frame spinner

lumber inspector

shipyard carpenter

cotton mill frame tender

lumber mill checker

shipyard painter

cotton mill frame winder

lumber mill laborer

shipyard welder

cotton mill gate keeper

lumber mill superintendent

shirt factory boxer

cotton mill handler wraps

lumber planning mill cut off saw operator

shirt factory presser

cotton mill inspector

lumber truck driver

shirt factory sewer

cotton mill intermediate

lumber works foreman

shirt manufacturer sewer

cotton mill journeyman

lumber yard manager

shoe repair shop owner

cotton mill knitter/worker

lumber/saw mill laborer

shoe salesman

cotton mill laborer

lumberman, logging camp

shoe shop laborer

cotton mill laborer/oiler

machinery salesman

shoe shop worker

cotton mill lapper lender



cotton mill loom fixer

machinist, aircraft factory

shop machinest

cotton mill loom framer

machinist, bicycle shop

sign painter

cotton mill loom repairer

machinist, laundry

slasher helper

cotton mill loom tender


slip factory seamstress

cotton mill machine fixer

mail carrier

software engineer

cotton mill machine operator

manager, Dooly Internal Medicine

soil conservation field worker

cotton mill machinist

manager, furniture stotre


cotton mill manager

manager, grocery and dry goods

spanish teacher

cotton mill mechanic

manager, lumber yard

sports reporter/photographer

cotton mill night manager

manager, real estate company

sprakletts water route supervisor

cotton mill night watchman

massage therapist

stable groom

cotton mill night watchman

matron county farm

state game warden

cotton mill office worker

mattress company owner

state highway department oil man

cotton mill oiler

mattress factory clerk

state highway department soil inspector

cotton mill opener

mattress factory truck driver

state highway employee

cotton mill operative

mattress factory worker

state police officer

cotton mill order writer

mattress maker

state railroad operator

cotton mill over edger

mattress maker and repairer

state revenue department stenographer

cotton mill packer


state road department truck driver

cotton mill picker

mayor pro tem

stave maker

cotton mill picker hand

meat market clerk

steam railroad carpenter

cotton mill pullman

meat market meat cutter/manager

steam railroad conductor

cotton mill quiller

meat merchant

steam railroad foreman

cotton mill roper

meat packer

steam railroad freight conductor

cotton mill run framer

meat packer foreman

steam railroad inspector

cotton mill run hopper

meat packers shipping clerk

steam railroad laborer

cotton mill run lap machine operator


steam railroad telegraph operator

cotton mill scruber

mechanic, foundry

steam railroad trainman

cotton mill second hand

mens' clothing credit manager

steam ship oiler

cotton mill section foreman


steel salesman

cotton mill shipping department foreman

merchant clerk


cotton mill spare hand

Merchant Marine

stock farmer

cotton mill speeder

merchant, dry goods store

stock ranch laborer

cotton mill spinner

merchant, general merchandise

stone cutter, stone mill

cotton mill spinner & roller picker

merchant, general store

store clerk

cotton mill splicer

merchant, retail yarns

store operator

cotton mill spooler

merchantile store manager

streel mill oiler

cotton mill spooler/twisterer

metal weather stripping laborer

street car conductor

Cotton mill superintendent

Methodist preacher

street car operator

cotton mill supervisor

MICU nurse

street commissioner

cotton mill sweep

middle school 8th grade mathematics teacher

street drainage laborer

cotton mill sweeper

middle school interim principal

street paving project timekeeper

cotton mill textile worker

milk routeman

street superintendent

cotton mill thread winder

mill laborer

streetcar conductor

cotton mill towel folder

mill owner

student nurse

cotton mill truck hand

mill store clerk

superintent county farm

cotton mill twister

mill textiler

supply company salesman

cotton mill twister/textile mill oiler

mill winder

supply depot machine operator

cotton mill waggaman

mill worker


cotton mill weaver



cotton mill weaver & loom fixer

millman, lumber mill

tailoring company salesman

cotton mill weaver/loom fixer


tank builder, concrete work

cotton mill weaveroom helper


taxi company co-owner

cotton mill winder

monumental salesman

taxi driver

cotton mill worker/owner Western Auto Store

mop & broom salesman

tea room hostess

cotton mill yarn inspector

motor car salesman


cotton mill yarn wraper

motor express company freight checker

teacher, agricultural school

cotton office bookkeeper

movie theater projectionist

teacher, cosmetology, realtor

cotton oil mill saw filer

mower, city

teacher, public school

cotton sead oil mill nightwatchman

National Youth Administration trainee


cotton warehouse weigher

natural gas meter repair man

telegraph company messanger boy

cotton yarn mill clerical

naval air station clerk typist


cotton yarn mill doffer

naval architect

telephone company accounting clerk

cotton yarn mill framer

naval officer

telephone company clerk

cotton yarn mill machinist

naval store operator

telephone company electrical engineer

country store merchant

naval store operator of tanks

telephone company foreman

county magistrate

navel stores operator

telephone company frameman

county malaria control laborer

Navy Department draftsman

telephone company lineman

county policeman

Navy Yard boilermaker

telephone company trouble shooter

county road grader operator

news dealer

telephone installer

county supervisor

newspaper carrier

telephone operator

crane and tower operator

newspaper circulation manager

Texas Rangers clerk

creamery bookkeeper

newspaper distributor

textile fixer

creamery salesman

newspaper editor

textile lojan fixer

cup factory DMC operator

newspaper linotype operator

textile machinery painter/spray

cup factory maintenance man

newspaper pressman

textile mill doffer

curing tires, rubber shop

newspaper printer

textile mill foreman

custodian, government

newspaper type setter

textile mill head of hosery division

dairy farmer


textile mill inspector

dairy laborer

nurse assistant

textile mill knotter


nurse, sanitorium

textile mill lease boy

dance orchestra musician

nursery school teacher

textile mill loom fixer

day laborer

Office Manager at HLH Custom Shutter

textile mill machine operator

delivery boy, grocery store

officer, City of Oxford

textile mill quills hauler

delivery company shipping clerk

oil company bookkeeper

textile mill roller picker


oil company cashier

textile mill weaver

department store accountant

oil company commision agent/gasoline distributor

textile mill winder

department store cashier

oil company construction foreman

textile mill worker

department store display manager

oil company truck driver

textile mill wrap machine operator

department store salesgirl

oil company wire chief

textile spinner

department store saleslady

oil driller helper

threader, bolt works

department store salesman

oil field equipment machinist

timber contractor

department store stock boy

oil field equipment warehouseman

Tinker AFB production inspector

department store truck driver

oil field foreman

tobacco company salesman

deputy court clerk

oil field laborer

tombstone agent

deputy register of deeds

oil field supply company shipping clerk

town marshall

deputy sheriff

oil field tank cleaner chemical

traction engine fireman

diesel mechanic

oil field torpedo man

train conductor

dock hand

oil marketing company stenographer

traveling pharmaceutical salesman

doctor, MD

oil marketing company traffic clerk

traveling thread salesman

doll factory operator

oil refiner fireman

triage nurse


oil refinery boiler maker

trouser factory cutter

drink stand manager

oil refinery carpenter

truck driver

drug store clerk

oil refinery gauger

trucking company platform foreman

drug store salesman

oil refinery laborer

tuberculosis sanatorium cook

drug store soda clerk/manager

oil refinery riveter

tug boat pilot


oil salesman

typest and general office worker, lumber mill office

dry cleaner bookkeeper

oil tank construction worker

ulposherty tac boy

dry cleaner merchant

oil train conductor

United Methodist Chruch preacher

dry cleaning truck driver

oil well cementer

university graduate assistant

dry clearners owner

oil well driller

upholstery shop owner

dry goods assistant manager

old folks home manager

US Air Force officer

dry goods clerk

Oncology nurse

US Air Force, sergeant crane operator

dry goods merchant

orange packer

US Army soldier

dry goods store buyer


US Department of Agriculture plant quarantine inspector

dry goods store clerk

orchestra musician

US Engineers fleet foreman

eating house salesman

oriential rug department store salesman

US Marine clerk typist

electric company lineman

outdoor advertising erector

US Maritime Commission launch operator

electrical engineer

overall factory presser

US Navy laborer

electrical manufacturing foreman

overall factory worker

US Navy sailor

electrical motors salesman

overseer, silk mill

US Soil Conservation bookkeeper


owner retail furniture store

variety store saleslady

electronic engineer

owner/operator of House of Carpets

veneer mill foreman

elementary school janitoress

paint and body repair worker

veneer mill laborer

elementary school princial

paint machinery wholesaler

veneer mill stenographer

elementary school teacher

paint store manager

veteran's service office manager

elevartor repairman


veterinarian, DVM

elevator manager

painter and carpenter


elevator operator

painting crew foreman

wagon factory laborer

English teacher

Panama Canal hyrdo operator

waiter, VA Hospital

extermination company employee

pants factory laborer


family nurse practitioner

paper carrier

War Department clerk

farm feed store assistant manager

paper collector

warehouse shipping clerk

farm feed store manager

paper hander and painter

water well driller

farm feed store supply man

paper mill foreman

website designer

farm foreman

paper mill millwright


farm hand


Western Auto clerk

farm helper

part owner feed and milling company

Western Electric installer

farm laborer

passenger bus scheduler

wheel wright

farm odd jobs


wholesale bakery assistant bookeeper

farm tractor driver

patent medicine salesman

wholesale bakery wrapper


PBX operator

wholesale drug salesman

farmer & carpenter

Pennsylvania railroad fireman

wholesale electrical apparatus & supply company salesman

farmer, onion farm

pest control funigator

wholesale electrical supply salesman

farmer, poultry farm

petroleum roustabout

wholesale factory salesman

farmer/hotel operator


wholesale grocery bookkeeper

Federal Land Bank attorney

phone company cable splicer

wholesale grocery manager

feed mill miller

photo shop retoucher

wholesale grocery salesman

file clerk


wholesale grocery shipper

filling station manager


wholesale grocery stock girl

film company inspector

piano teacher

wholesale hardware office clerk/salesman

financial corporation secretary

pie company salesman

wholesale ice company, vault and dockman

fire chief

pilot, government

wholesale nursery salesman


pizzamaker at Little Caesars

wholesale oil company distributor

fireman, hardwood mill

planning mill edger runner

wholesale plumbing clerk

fish market owner

planning mill machine operator

wholesale plumbing receiving clerk

five and dime store clerk

planning mill machinest

wholesale poultry merchant

five and dime store manager

plant physiologist

wholesale rubber company chief clerk

floor finisher


women's hosery mill floor lady

floor finishing business owner


wood production plant safety supervisor


plumbing supply secretary

WPA district timekeeper

florist and gardener

plywood salesman

WPA highway laborer

florist helper

police chief

WPA laborer

florist helper and janitress

police officer

WPA library construction laborer

flour miller


WPA parks project landscaper

food distributor salesman

postal clerk

WPA road construction laborer

Ford dealership car salesman

postal enployee

WPA road maintenance laborer

Ford plant metal finisher

postal telegraph morse operator

X-Ray equipment company owner

foreman, furniture plant


Y&MV railroad agent

foreman, ore mine


yarn mill winder

foreman, planning mill

potato sorter

yarn mill worker