New York Furr Database

Thanks to Linda Beckett, we have now identified a third Furr line in the United States, the New York Furrs.  Between 1887 and 1889, John Davis Furr and part of his family immigrated from Pirton Herts, England, to Phelps, New York.  His line is as follows:

John Furr (b. 1771 Woburn, Bedfordshire, England) married Elizabeth.  They had two sons William (b. 1795) and Edward (b. 1798).

William Furr (b. 1795) married Elizabeth.  His occupation is shown as carrier.  They moved to Pirton Herts and had three children William (b. 1818), Lydia (b. 1820), and James (b. 1823).

William Furr (b. 1818) married Louisa Davis (daughter of John Davis and Ann Leach) in 1839.  He was the village butcher.  They had eight children Elizabeth (b. 1839), Lydia (b. 1841), Emma Louise (b. 1847), Lavinia (b. 1850), Ann (b. 1853), John Davis (b. 1856), William (b. 1860), and Charles (b. 1862).

John Davis Furr (b. 1856 in Hitchin Herts, England) married Clara Emily Westwick of Yorkshire (daughter of Joseph Westwick and Mary Mathews).  They had six children Zillah (b. 1880), Lydia (b. 1881), James (b. 1885), Florence (b. 1887), Amelia (b. 1889), and Edna (b. 1894).

Florence Furr (b. 1887 in Pirton Herts, England; d. 1947 in Waterloo, New York) married Bery Avery (son of George Avery and Eva Wakeley) in 1912 in Waterloo, New York.  They had four children Vivian (b. 1914), Gilbert (b. 1916), Clifford (b. 1917), and Edward (b. 1922).

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