Moore County, North Carolina, Furrs



There are five Moore County, North Carolina, Furrs I have not been able to connect to each other or to the Furrs in other counties of North Carolina (lots of clues and family lore but nothing verifiable).


Leonard Furr


For many years, this Leonard Furr was thought to be the son of Heinrich Furrer of Cabarrus County, North Carolina, who wrote his will in 1769.  However in-depth Y-DNA testing proves this is not correct.




Y-DNA results (see below) from direct male descendants do not support Leonard Furr as a son of Heinrich Furrer of North Carolina.  As the DNA tree below shows, the direct male descendants of four of Heinrich Furrer’s sons, John, Paul, Henry, and Jacob, share the same DNA profile.  However the DNA results of two direct male descendants of Leonard Furr have a different DNA profile.  Leonard is definitely related to John, Paul, Henry, and Jacob, but he is not their brother.


It is likely that Leonard Furr is related to the Joseph Furr in the 1790 Moore County census.  However, there are no primary source documents connecting them, and Joseph Furr’s descendants have not been documented.


1790 -- Census, Moore County, NC Page 163

Joseph Furr

(16+) 1M

(0-16) 4M



1790 -- Census, Moore County, NC Page 155

Leonard Furrow

(16+) 1M

(0-16) 4M





There are no primary source documents that establish a relationship between Leonard Furrer and Heinrich Furrer.  The connection appears to be based on the following tenuous connections.


In a letter from Rev. William T. Albright (undated but about 1955) to Clyde M. Furr, Rev. Albright states, "The evidence of the connection [Leonard to Heinrich Furrer] is the statement by Paul Bryan whose mother was Juliann Furr a daughter of Paul Furr who was a son of Leonard Furr, that this Paul Furr was named after and (sic) uncle on his Fathers side which makes Leonard a brother to Paul Furr I son of Henry Furr I."


It is 1956 book, Reverend Albright states, “I list Leonard Furr as a son of Henry Furr I for the following reasons:  Paul Bryan, a great-grandson of Leonard Furr and a grandson of  Leonard’s son Paul and a son of Juliann Furr (who married Benjamin Bryan) says his grandfather Paul Furr (born 1786) was named for an uncle on his father’s side, which makes Leonard Furr and Paul Furr (born 1754) brothers, and makes Leonard a son of Henry Furr I.  It is also significant that Paul Furr (born 1754) named a son Leonard; Leonard named one child Henry, one Paul, one Jacob, one Mary (Mary was the name of the wife of Paul, (born 1754), one Elizabeth -- all names common in the Furr family. Mary was also the name of a daughter of Henry I, and so was sister to Paul and Leonard.”

Rev. William Thomas Albright, Supplement to the History of the Furr Family (Greensboro, North Carolina:  privately published, 1956)


Note:  Leonard Furr was not included in the original book, Rev. William Thomas Albright, History of the Widenhouse, Furr, Dry, Stallings, Teeter, and Tucker Families (Greensboro, North Carolina:  privately published, 1950)


There are numerous primary sources that document the fact that Leonard Furr lived in Moore County while Heinrich Furr and his children lived in Cabarrus and Rowan counties.





… --> Cottray line

… I-Y31070

…… --> Spory line

…… I-Y132512

……… --> Roeschley line

……… I-Y94948

………… --> David Forry’s line of Fridi Furrer b. 1579

………… I-FT134304 (Kδgi line)

…………… --> Charles Kaegi’s line of Hans Kδgi

…………… I-FT133457 (Kδgi line)

……………… --> Benjamin Howison’s line of Heini Kaegy b. 1540

……………… --> Michael Kagay’s line of Hans Kδgi b.1692

………… I-FTB20387 (Hans Jacob Furrer b. 1597)

…………… --> Johannes Forrer’s Furrer line

……………… I-Y132496 (Furr line)

………………… --> William Upshur Furr’s line of Leonard Furr b. 1756/1758

………………… -->  another private Furr’s line of Leonard Furr b. 1756/1758

……………… I-FTB11536 (Furr line)

………………… --> John David Furr’s line of Jacob Furr b. 1763

………………… --> William Frazier Furr’s line of Henry Furr b. 1762

………………… --> Carson Ray Turner’s line of Paul Furr b. 1754

………………… --> Kenneth Ray Furr’s line of John Furr b. 1752


According to a DNA expert:


“As you can see the Furrer/Forry/Furr line and Kδgi/Kaegi/Kagay line commences with a common ancestor that was I-Y94948 who lived around 750 +/- years ago.


The Kδgi line split off with I-FT134304 ancestor while the Furrer/Furr line split off with two lines. One line is that of David Forry from Fridi Furrer and the other line was I-FTB20387 that appears to be the line from Hans Jacob Furrer.


There are then two documented lines descended from the I-FTB20387 ancestor. One line is that of Johannes Forrer while the second line is that of the I-Y132496 Furr line. This I-Y132496 Furr ancestor may well have been Heinrich Furr/Furrer but it is more likely that he was an ancestor of both Heinrich and Leonard Furr.


Given that John David Furr, William Frazier Furr, Kenneth Ray Furr and Carson Ray Turner are the descendants from each of the four sons of Heinrich Furr and all are I-FTB11536, I feel that Heinrich Furr was the founder of I-FTB11536 and that Leonard Furr was possibly a cousin or the son of a brother of Heinrich (thereby a cousin of John, Paul, Henry and Jacob).”


Joseph Furr


Who Was Joseph Furr of Moore CountyNorth Carolina?


The 1790 Moore CountyNorth Carolina Census, page 163, has the following entry.


Head of household:  Joseph Furr

Number of free white males 16 years and older:  1

Number of free white males 16 years and under:  4

Number of free white females:  3


Also in the 1790 North Carolina census are


Henry Furr – Mecklenburg County

John Furr – Mecklenburg County

Leonard Furrow – Moore County

Paul Furr – Mecklenburg County

Tobias Furr – Rowan County


Furr family history has these five individuals as sons of Heinrich and Rosina Furrer.  DNA analysis confirms Henry, John, and Paul as brothers and shows Leonard as related but with a slightly different DNA profile.  There is no mention of a Joseph Furr and to date there is no related DNA profiles.  Who was this Joseph Furr and where did he come from?


Morgan Jackson speculates, “I am becoming more and more convinced that my ancestor Charles Furr was a son of Joseph Furr based on several pieces of circumstantial evidence. 


Several things pointing in this direction:


[1] Joseph Furr was listed in the 1790 Census with 4 males under 16 years of age.  From all accounts Charles Furr was born c1780.  


[2] Charles named his son Joseph which is very customary with tradition to name a son after your father.  


[3] Joseph and Charles can be found residing in the same area in Moore CountyNC.  The area is located east of McLendons Creek, roughly half way between CarthageNC and GlendonNC.  This area is several miles from the traditional location of Leonard Furr's family south of RobbinsNC.  This is the biggest connection to me as we have always wondered about their connection but land records prove that they lived in same area and that it was a different area than Leonard and family.


Based on the 1772 record of Joseph below, it would seem he would've been born by 1754.  Placing him be born in the 1740s-1750's would likely make him the same generation as Leonard.  Do you think it is possible that he could've been another son of Heinrich? “


It is highly unlikely Joseph is a son of Heinrich Furrer; however, to date no one has found any documents that explain who Joseph Furr was or where he came from.


Other reference to Joseph Furr:


Wyatt, Daniel. Granville Co.

Warrant: 1758 January 26. 640 acres.

Descriptive references for land: Wolf Pit Branch, Joseph Furr,

Thomas Mullins Plat: 1760 June 12. 523 acres.

Descriptive references for land: Wolf Pit Branch

Chain carriers: James Wyatt, Edward Wyatt

Surveyor: Thomas Person Deed: 1760 December 1


1772, May 16 -- Civil Actions, Cumberland CountyNC

Phillip Alston claimed that James Collins has taken up a stray mare owned by Alston.  Elisha Hunter summons Alston and Collins to appear.   Conner Dowd is security for Collins.  Wm. Seale, James Muse, William Harden, John May, Josep Furr, Charles Shearin, Clem Hancock, Willis Dickerson, John CarrellStarlin Carrell, James Phillips, James Russell and Phillip Colling are also listed.  Unclear if they were witnesses, jury or other.


1777 -- Tax List, Cumberland CountyNC, Capt. Jacob Duckworth's District

Joseph Furr listed $100


1778 -- Tax List, Cumberland CountyNC, Capt. Jacob Duckworth's District

Joseph Furr listed $100


1779 -- Tax List, Cumberland CountyNC, Capt. Jacob Duckworth's District

Joseph Furr listed $260


1780 -- Tax List, Cumberland CountyNC, Capt. Jacob Duckworth's District

Joseph Furr listed 1 horse and 6 cattle


1783 -- Tax List, Cumberland CountyNC, Capt. Jacob Hunnicutt's District

J. Furr listed $23


1792, May 22 -- 1784-1795 County Court Minutes, Moore CountyNC Page 348

John Burgwin v. Joseph Furr


1793, May 21 -- 1784-1795 County Court Minutes, Moore CountyNC Page 397

Joseph Furr listed as being exempt from Poll Tax in 1792


1831, Feb 22 -- County Court Minutes, Moore CountyNC

Jesse T. Muse v. Joseph Furr


Charles Furr


The only descendant of Charles Furr that may having living direct male descendants as of 2022 is William Riley Furr (b. Nov 1820, North Carolina, d. ?) who moved to Alabama, Mississippi, and then Texas and changed his name to Farr.  I tried to contact four of his direct male descendants requesting they do Y-DNA testing, but did not hear back from any of them.


1805, Feb -- 1798-1808 Trial and Appearance Docket, Moore County, NC Page 10

1805, Feb -- 1785-1868 Index to Trial Docket, Moore County, NC Page 36

Charles Furr v. Jsiah & John Lawhon


1806, Jan 27 -- 1796-1841 County Accounts, Moore County, NC Page 38

Charles Furr appears on a list of uncollected county debts


1808, Feb-Feb 1810 -- 1798-1808 Trial and Appearance Docket, Moore County, NC

Robert Wilson v. Charles Furr


1809, Feb-Feb 1810 -- 1798-1808 Trial and Appearance Docket, Moore County, NC

1810, Feb -- 1785-1868 Index to Trial Docket, Moore County, NC Page 27

Fanning Moore v. Charles Furr


1810 -- Census, Moore County, NC Page 618

Charles Furr

(26-45) 1M

(16-26) 1F

(0-10) 4F


1815 -- Tax List, Moore County, NC

Charles Furr listed 270 acres at $200


1816, Nov 12 -- Land Grant #2289, Moore County, NC

William Barret received 25 acres located East of McLendons Creek adjoining Goodwin, Elijah Bettis Jur., McKenzie, Roberts, Stewart and his own line(that he purchased from Charles Furr). John Barret and Sterlin Carrol were chain carriers.


1819, Aug -- 1796-1841 County Accounts, Moore County, NC Page 27

Fine collected from Charles Furr


1820, Nov -- 1796-1841 County Accounts, Moore County, NC Page 41

State v. C. Furr


1827, Feb -- 1785-1868 Index to Trial Docket, Moore County, NC Page 60

Charles Furr v. A. Sowell


1830 -- Census, Moore County, NC Page 456

Charles Furr

(40-50) 1M 1F

(15-20) 1M 1F

(10-15) 1M 1F

(5-10) 1M 1F

(0-5) 1M 1F


1830, Aug 19 -- 1823-1831 Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Moore County, NC Page 321

1830, Aug -- 1785-1868 Index to Trial Docket, Moore County, NC Page 65

State v. Charles Furr. Asa Sowell as security.


1831, Feb 22 -- 1823-1831 Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Moore County, NC Page 336

Jesse F. Muse v. Joseph Furr. Charles Furr listed as security


1835, Apr 20 -- Land Grant Vol. 51 Page 485, Dallas County, AL

Charles Farr received 40.15 located in northeast quarter of the southwest quarter of section 7 in Township 15 and Range 5 in the Cahaba land district.


1840 Census Dallas County, AL Page 90

C. Furr

(50-60) 1M

(30-40) 1F

(10-15) 1M 1F

(5-10) 1M 1F

(0-5) 2M


1843, Apr 3 -- Will Book A Page 328-330, Dallas County, AL

Will of Charles Furr Dec'd. Heirs: Wife Nancy, eldest daughter Nancy, second daughter Malvina, third daughter Mary, son Joseph, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Emeline, son James, daughter Malinda, daughter Josephy, son Leonard, son William Rily, youngest daughter Eliza and granddaughter Susan Furr. Executor: Moody R. Ellis. Witnesses: Jesse Pitts, Daniel Prator and Christian Weisinger. Proven Feb 21, 1848.


1848, Apr 19 -- Estate Book G Page 375-376, Dallas County, AL

Estate of Charles Furr Dec'd. by administrator M.R. Ellis. Items were purchased by David C. Chambers, Wm. Riley Fur, John H. Chambers, L. Cranford, J.P. Walker, Hanson Raiford, A.F. Rogers, Wm. C. Capps and John Jones.


Fay Hoodock write:


He went to Dallas County, Alabama, after 1830.  May have divorced Nancy Sowell.


Charles Furr b. 1784-90 m.1805 Nancey (thought to be daughter of Charles Sowell of Moore County, North Carolina).  Charles Furr died 1848 Dallas County, Alabama, where he had lived (near Orrville) since the 1830’s.  He left a will naming all his children and the Alabama records further identified them showing a divided family and raising still unanswered questions.


Charles Furr’s will probated Feb. 21,1848 Dallas Co. AL names these heirs: To receive $5 each:  My eldest daughter Nancey; my second daughter Malvina; My third daughter Mary; my son Joseph; my daughter Elizabeth; my daughter Emaline; My son James; my daughter Malinda; my daughter Jessaphy; my (son?) Leonard; My wife Nancey To receive property: my son William Rily (3 parcels of land in Dallas Co.); my youngest Daughter Eliza (land and improvements in Dallas Co.) All personal property to be divided between William Rily and Eliza except for one white and black heifer to grand daughter Susan Furr.


Additional information from Alabama about the children:  Malvina (m. Wallace); Nancy (m. Enoch Wallace); Mary (m.Demcy Sowell); Elizabeth (m. Leonard Hain); Emaline (m. Quincy Sowell); Malinda (m. Charles Katze); Josephy (m. Nathan Taylor) ; Eliza (m. Joseph W. Holdick); Joseph; James; Leonard and William Rily spouses not named; wife, Nancy


These identifications were further clarified when Charles’ Moore County roots were discovered and the following information was added from census records and family traditions:


Malvina m. Enoch Wallis (Wallace) she gave her age as 31 in 1850. This does not agree with her position given by Charles.  In 1870 she gives age 60, probably closer to the truth.  Children in ’50 and ’60 census:  Hiram, Hamilton, Isham, Spinks, Christian.  Lived in Moore County.


Nancy m. Isham Wallis/Wallace. Lived in Moore County.  Children:  Westley, Quimby, Lockey/Lovedy, Emsley, Samuel, James, Sampson, Virgil, John. Isham a carpenter, b. 1801 d. Jan 13, 1882 buried Flint Hill Church Cemetery just south of Robbins, North Carolina.


Mary m. Demcy/Dempsey Sowell. Children: Jason, James, Sarah, Catherine,Emeline, Elizabeth, Thomas S.L.  Went to Arkansas in mid- ‘50s. She died Little Rock.


Elizabeth m. Leonard Hain not yet found


Emaline m. Quimby Sowell. Lived Moore County.  Children:  Anderson Lendo, Rebecca, Mary Malinda, Clarky A., Asa, Joseph E., Archibald, Jason, John B. Quimby b. Jan 7, 1809 d. May 2,1859 Buried Flint Hill.  Emerline, wife of Quimby d. Apr. 8, 1892 age 78, buried Flint Hill. [note: Lendo Sowell ancestor of Luise Seawell of Charlotte NC, who helped me with this data]


Malinda m. Charles Katza not yet found


Joseph m. Nathan Taylor probably in Dallas County c.1836. b.1820 North Carolina.  Listed as Margaret Taylor in 1850 [brother William Riley had a daughter Margaret Josephine]


Eliza m. Joseph Holdick/Houlditch in Dallas County 25 Sept. 1845.  Possibly went to  Pontotoc County, Mississippi.  Maybe the Eliza Houlditch who married Hearn.


William Riley not located in 1850.  In Monroe County, Mississippi, 1860, wife Caroline.  Children: Charles, Sarah, Bama, Alexander, John, Margaret/Josephine(‘50-60), William, Pleasant, Silas, Adeline, Benjamin.  Wife in ’80 Lydia E.


Leonard stayed in Moore County.  In 1850 he was living with his mother Nancy b. 1790.  Probably the one who married Louise who d.1853, son Riley d. 1857.  Leonard d. 1860.


James and Joseph not yet found. Joseph probably the one by that name who asked for relief from debt 1838 Dallas County Court.  One of them is probably a doctor who according to family tradition, went to the Mexican war and didn’t come back.  James could be the one who married Nancy C. Gaffney in Lowndes County, Alabama.


Elizabeth Furr (1758-1827)


In several places on the Internet (e.g. and FindaGrave) and in several published family histories, the wife of Everett (Averitt) Smith (1751 NC – 1822 MS) is listed as Elizabeth (Eliza) Furr (1758 NC – 1827 MS).  She is often listed as the daughter of Heinrich Furrer (1691/1727 Switzerland – 1769 NC) and Rosina (Russena).


The basis for Elizabeth (Eliza) being a Furr is family lore passed down through the Stutts family.  Note:  Jacob Stutts’ (1735-1797) daughter Mary (1757-1843) married Paul Furr (1757-1737) and his daughter Elizabeth (1753-1845) married Leonard Furr (1756-1835).   (See Katherine Shield Melvin, The Stutts Families and Their Descent from Jacob Stutts of Moore County (Dudly, North Carolina:  privately published by Fred McLeod, not dated.)


There are no primary source documents or DNA evidence that Elizabeth (Eliza)’s last name was Furr or that she was the daughter of Heinrich and Rosina.


If in fact she was a Furr, she might have been the sister of Leonard Furr (1756 NC – 1835 MS) given the proximity of the Furr and Smith families in Moore County, North Carolina and Copiah, Lawrence and Lincoln counties, Mississippi.  There is in-depth Y-DNA for this Leonard Furr, but it only traces male descendants.  The challenge with DNA is the only thing available for females is autosomal DNA.  In this case, it would be impossible to determine a connection given the number of generations passed and the fact that the Furr and Smith families are so closely intertwined over the years.  As a result, it would be impossible to tell when the Furr part came in.


Elizabeth Furr (abt. 1740-1792)


Also in many places, Elizabeth Furr (1740-1792) is listed the wife of William Wright (1736-1822).  There is no proof that she was a Furr.  William Wright lived in western Moore County and was connected to the Cagle, Shamburger, and other German families. The Swiss and the German families often seem to reside together so a Furr connection could be a possibility.  A female descendant of Elizabeth’s mtDNA was tested to see if there was a match that would either confirm or deny the connection to the North Carolina Furrs.  This female descended from Elizabeth Furr Wright only through females, which means she should share the same mtDNA as Elizabeth.  The mtDNA haplogroup was H27c and she had about 80 matches, but a match that has a connection back to North Carolina was not found.