This list was compiled from the Dawes Final Rolls.  The Dawes Commission was organized in 1893 to accept applications for tribal enrollment between 1899 and 1907 (some were added as late as 1914), mostly from Indians who resided in the Indian Territory which later became the State of Oklahoma.  Tribal membership entitled qualified individuals to land allotments from the U.S. Government. These enrollment records were eventually published as the Dawes Commission, also known as the Five Civilized Tribes, which consisted of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Crow, Creek, and Seminole Tribes.

Chickasaw Freedmen were the black slaves of Chickasaw Indians and may or may not be part Indian by blood.

I am still trying to trace these American Indian Furrs lineage.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Creek by Blood
NameRelationshipBirth DateBloodComment
Anderson WhetstoneFatherUnknownNoneNone
Nancy C.MotherUnknown1/4Kechapotakee, Indian Territory
Jude (Judia A.) WhetstoneDaughterAbt 18631/8Also shown as Julie. Lived in Henryetta, Indian Territory.
Albert FurrHusbandUnknownNoneDied before October 28, 1899
William G. FurrSonAbt 18801/16Also known as Willis and Willie
Benjamin C. FurrSonAbt 18831/16Also known as Benny and Ben
Samuel FurrSonAbt 18881/16Also known as Sam
Perry FurrSonAbt 18911/16None
Mamie FurrDaughterAbt 18931/16None
Arthur B. FurrSonAbt 18961/16None
Archie D. FurrSonAbt 18991/16None
Benjamin C. FurrFatherAbt 18831/16Also known as Benny and Ben
Albert Clinton FurrSonApril 5, 19051/32None

Chickasaw Freedmen
NameRelationshipBirth DateBloodComment
AnnieMotherAbt 1874UnknownNone
Unknown FurrFatherUnknownUnknownNone
Truvine FurrDaughterAbt 1889UnknownNone
Alpha FurrDaughterAbt 1894UnknownNone
Evvia Lenerdia FurrDaughterAbt 1895UnknownNone
John AlmerSonAbt 1897UnknownNone