To my knowledge, no one had proven or provided any definitive documentation to support the association of the Furr surname with a coat of arms or family crest.

The Furr coat of arms has been represented by some sources as "a tree with green leaves on a white shield."  This theory arises from using the name "Efar" to research the coat of arms.  The Hall of Names International Inc. shows the Furr coat of arms as a silver background shield with no crest and a chevron between three lion's head and no motto.

According to other sources (e.g., Halberts) the coat of arms of the Furr/Furrer name is "a blue shield with a gold fleur-de-lis resting on a green three-pointed mound."  In fact, the Armorial General and its supplementary illustrations by J.B. Rietstap (Baltimore, MD:  Genealogical Publishing Company, 1965) shows three Furrer coat of arms from Switzerland:  the one discussed above from the city of Winterthur in the Canton of Zurich, a second from Winterthur depicting a shoe or boot pierced by an arrow, and a third from Sion in the Canton of Valais depicting an anchor with two stars.  The Dictionnaire Historique & Biographique de la Suisse contains two additional Swiss Furrer coats of arms.  One is from the Canton of Berne depicting a blue field crossed with gold accompanied by three stars.  Another is from the Canton of Uri chiefly of blue with three stars and six rays of gold depicting two bears supporting a fir tree and holding swords.

Whether or not anyone with the Furr surname can legitimately lay claim to a coat of arms remains unproven. Documented additions to this discussion are welcomed.